IDS employees are required to provide support that respects our clients culture, beliefs, personal characteristics and values. 

Anyone can make a complaint to us about the about the service we provide.  Whether you are our client, a family member or a friend of someone with a disability. 

IDS takes all client complaints seriously, we are committed to:

  • Resolving complaints fairly by negotiation between the parties,
  • Promoting, transparency, justice and fairness,
  • Using complaints to improve the quality of our services and gain new perspectives,
  • Ensuring complaints do not disadvantage clients in any way.

How to complain

Initially discuss your complaint with your IDS team member, they will work with you to try to find a way to fix the problem. Talking can sometimes sort out the problem without going through a formal process.

If your IDS team member cannot help, you can make a formal complaint. This will go to a member of the IDS management team. You can either make a complaint in writing, by email, by request ing a meeting or by email.

If writing please address your complaint to: 
IDS Complaints, Level 3, 60 Leicester Street, Carlton, VIC 3053
or telephone us on:   03 9340 5100
or by email to: [email protected]

The Process

The complaint initially goes to the person with responsibility for the area that falls under your complaint. He or she may request a face to face meeting with you and anyone else involved. If they cannot resolve the issue to your satisfaction the CEO will be notified and, if agreeable to the parties, conciliation and mediation will commence. Where complaints cannot be resolved they may be escalated by referring to the Disability Services Commissioner.

Our Commitment


Clients can request that a family member, advocate or independent representative attend meetings. IDS staff can help with writing or understanding the complaint.


We will communicate with you regularly throughout the process in the way you prefer, to ensure that the situation has improved. We will follow-up to check your satisfaction and experience of the complaints process.

No disadvantage

Clients will not have their relationship or service with IDS affected in any way by pursuing the resolution of a complaint.


All matters connected with complaints are treated by IDS in a way that ensures confidentiality and meets privacy legislation requirements.

Please contact us if you would like a further explanation of the IDS Complaints Policy or any additional information.


If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction by IDS, you can refer it to:

Disability Services Commissioner

T: 1800 677 342


Or other specialised services:

Human Rights Commission

T: 1300 292 153

Ombudsman Victoria

T: 9613 6222 or 1800 806 314

Office of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner

T: 1300 666 444

Consumer Affairs Victoria

T: 1300 558 181