Financial Administration

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Central to the IDS offering is giving our client’s control over their funds, working with them to help them achieve their goals and live the way they want. We provide a range of financial administration that is designed to help them manage their finance, banking and invoice payments. Our Financial Administration Team is dedicated to ensuring the optimum management of our client’s finances, arranging the payment to support services and other providers.

IDS Clients receive monthly statements that detail year to date spending and funds remaining. Unlike other financial coordinating organisations we closely monitor our client’s spending and advise them of any over or under spend, recognising the importance of giving up to date, accurate financial records.

We can also arrange to receive invoices directly from service providers to ensure payment is made on time by tracking invoices against our client’s monthly budget.

The Financial Administration team, work with our clients giving feedback and options on how to maximise the financial package, and because we buy goods and services on behalf of a number of clients we can often negotiate a better rate than an individual purchaser. Clients also benefit from our not-for-profit status that means any purchases made by IDS are not subject to GST.

Funding research and applications

We can also offer advice and seek additional funding for clients whose package does not fully fund their plan, helping them complete their application and submitting it on their behalf. We can’t guarantee that all the applications we write will be successful, however, our staff have extensive experience and understand the requirements for many of the funding bodies.

IDS staff maintain a network of contacts and useful resources across disability, community service providers and other allied groups. They also keep up to date with new services and developments in aids and support.

For further information contact IDS

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