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IDS provides housing options for our clients, working with them to find suitable, affordable housing, including homes that have been designed for people with a disability.

Our Housing Case Management Team, work closely with our clients to identify their requirements so we can source accommodation that matches their needs as closely as possible.

The team at IDS maintain a network of contacts across various disability and community service providers, estate agents, property developers and housing providers. These contacts enable us to keep up to date with new initiatives in housing design and accommodation programs.

Short-term Independent Living House

IDS offers Short-term Independent Living Houses in Montmorency. This program offers people with a disability active support and skill building. The program has been developed for people who want to live independently but do not have all of the necessary life skills.

While living in an Independent Living House, participants are supported by qualified and experienced IDS staff, who offer support programs that are tailored to the participant’s needs, developing their skills, knowledge and confidence.

The ultimate goal is for participants to move out of the Independent Living House into their own or shared accommodation where they will feel confident and able to manage their lives with little or no support. There is no fixed time frame for the program, recognising the individual needs of each participant.

Independent Living Houses offer support to three or four participants who have complementary needs and interests. They are located near transport, shopping and recreational facilities.

Supported Long-term Accommodation

IDS also offers Supported Long-term Accommodation. This program has been designed to meet the growing demand for accommodation for people with a disability who have been living with and cared for by their family who is no longer in a position to offer appropriate support. We partner with the client, their family, friends and support networks, assisting them in the transition from the family home into other models of accommodation.

Throughout the transition, we work with the client and their family to minimise the anxiety felt by all involved, putting into place agreed and flexible plans that allow for staged transitions over an agreed timeframe. Residents in Long-term Accommodation are supported by IDS staff who are dedicated to the people they work with. They are given every opportunity to develop their life skills and follow their interests and are encouraged to integrate into their local community in a meaningful way.

HomeShare Program

The IDS HomeShare program is designed to promote the wellbeing and independence of people with disabilities by matching them with a live-in HomeSharer who offers support and companionship. The HomeSharer pays a subsidised rent for approximately ten hours support each week.

Every IDS HomeShare program is designed to meet the individual requirements of the Householder and HomeSharer, matching them across a range of criteria. The IDS HomeShare Coordinator works with both parties to ensure they have a clear understanding of the expectations and responsibilities of each of them.

IDS Housing Support provides:

  • Links to a range of housing options,
  • Assistance to find suitable short and long-term housing,
  • Referrals and information on modifications, funding programs and housing options,
  • Advocacy and community development programs, promoting housing options for people with a disability,
  • Continued support, advice and assistance,
  • Ongoing support and assistance with community integration.

For further information contact IDS

T: 03 93405100
E: [email protected]