National Disablility Insurance Scheme Rollout

Do you want advice about your transfer to the National Disability Insurance Scheme?

Are you unsure about your responsibilities?  

Then contact the team at IDS.

We can help you understand the NDIS and how it will affect you, including:

  • How to access the NDIS,
  • How to find out if you are eligible for funding and what happens if you are not,
  • The planning and assessment process,
  • What supports you can call on to assist in the planning process,
  • What services and supports the NDIS funds,
  • Providing information about accommodation,
  • Agency/self-management of your NDIS funding package,
  • Choosing a support provider,
  • Support staff engagement,
  • What to do when your provider does not meet your requirements?

It is anticipated it will take to take up to 12 months for eligible people with a disability to transfer to the NDIS once roll out starts in an area. Clients who are funded by Commonwealth and state-based services and supports will continue with their current funding agencies until their plans are in place.

IDS has a dedicated team who will help you through the transition process.