IDS information

Banks, super funds utilities and telecommunication companies are continually under the spotlight. Much of the focus has been on confusing and misleading contracts, excessive and inappropriate charges and not placing the interests of the customer at the forefront of decision making within these organisations.

A common issue is the complexity of information provided on services, contract plans and pricing structures. The day of a single provider for gas, electricity and phones are long gone. We are now expected to compare multiple providers offering numerous different plans and various levels of service, and WE ALL STRUGGLE!!

The team at Independent Disability Services has a different approach. When you call our offices you get to speak to a person, not a recorded message. Our team of Client Relationship Officers take the time to get to know our clients, they explain the services we provide and what our clients can expect. They also regularly follow up, to ensure we are providing the level of support our clients require.

Our payment structure is simple and directly reflects our costs. We have one rate for all NDIS clients requiring support during normal business hours that increases for night shifts, weekends and public holidays. All NDIS clients pay the same regardless of the number of hours of service we provide.

We continue to work towards providing our clients with information in a range of formats, ensuring the content this is easy to understand and is usable by all people. Look out for our new videos that explain the services we provide. These will be accessible across our social media outlets and on our website.